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Ever wondered how much time and money you invest to manage and classify data? An average business has to shell out between $3000 to $6000* a month on data processing and management staff. Add to this, the cost of infrastructure and technology required to process your data in-house and you will gasp at the figures. Managing data entry on your own further leads to lesser focus on your core business which means your bottom line is also impacted. By outsourcing your data entry and processing to a specialized company you not only save time and money but also free up personnel to take care of your core business.

Complete Suite of Data Entry Services Under One Roof: JHGROUP in India provides a wide gamut of data inputting services to diversified client base, helping them extract data from a multitude of sources like online applications, scanned images, applications, invoices, handwritten forms, questionnaires, etc., and manually enter the details in client's server, database or a file format.

Combining our wealth of experience and deep understanding with a focus on efficient processes, we accurately feed pertinent details in relevant fields and ensure error-free output. Our data entry experts have the expertise to capture data from handwritten, printed or typewritten documents and can key-in details in a variety of formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, CRM/ ERP software. etc.

Outsource Data Entry To JHGROUP And Stay In Complete Control Of Your Data

As part of data input services, experts at JHGROUP follow double keying method to deliver completely accurate, consistent and up-to-date data to the global clients. Our Quality Assurance team further conducts quality checks to ensure 99.95% accuracy. The data entry specialists work directly with you which means you can communicate, collaborate and prioritize work as per your own convenience. This working relationship keeps you in complete control of your data entry process and reduces the turnaround time.

Our Data Entry Services include:

internet website designers Web research and data entry
internet website designers Remote/online Data Entry
internet website designers Data Entry from image or pdf to MS Word, Text
internet website designers Data Entry from Hospital Records
internet website designers Data Entry From PDF to Excel
internet website designers Products Data Entry
internet website designers Data Entry of Questionnaires
internet website designers Database Data Entry
internet website designers HTML Coding
internet website designers Email listing Collection
internet website designers Book Data Entry

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry to JHGLOBAL

internet website designers 24X7 customer support for instant resolutions of issues and queries
internet website designers Flexible and scalable outsourcing model to suit your individual needs
internet website designers 24 X 7 customer support for instant resolutions of issues and queries
internet website designers Flexible and scalable outsourcing model to suit your individual needs

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