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Work pressures are rising and businesses are under constant pressure to reduce costs involved. The process of cost reduction involves practices that are aimed to extract the maximum out of limiting nu....

Work pressures are rising and businesses are under constant pressure to reduce costs involved. The process of cost reduction involves practices that are aimed to extract the maximum out of limiting number of resources. Some companies even reduce their costs by limiting the number of resources. But some smart brains in the organizations prefer to outsource their services to countries like India. Although there are many outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, & Latin-America but still India is the first choice of many businesses. India is the largest non-English speaking nation with the highest number of English speakers.Every year around 3 million graduates pass out in India and their hard work and great skills pay off in non-native countries. The leaders of technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Adobe are perfect examples to support my argument.

Outsourcing to India provides the core benefits of technological agility, quality, flexibility, cost control and, time-to-market and competitive advantages. In addition, the language and cultural barriers faced while outsourcing to other countries are non-existent as Indians are proficient in English language skills and intercultural understanding. I will not use India as my reference point just for the sake of this article, instead, walk you through the real reasons that make outsourcing to India beneficial for your business.

Educated & Skilled Staff

In India, as I mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of educated people who not only are well educated but a good portion of those are really smart. Adding to the advantage, a majority of the support agents are very proficient in English with a strong hold on both British & American accents. Some even speak better English than a majority of Americans.

Price Negotiations

The labor in India is cheap. When I say cheap, it means really cheap!! Given the cost of living is pretty high in western countries, an average payout for a good technical staff in the US could be anywhere between 50$-70$ per hour. On the other hand, the cost for a person with similar skills can be negotiated to around 10$-20$ per hour and the same time, you can expect a great return on such a small investment. The flexibility in prices enables a company to effectively manage their budget where they cannot afford a high paying staff. This can aid budding startups as they cannot afford high salaries and have limited resources.

Focus on Core Business

Keeping an in-house team may seem an effective and cheaper option but in reality is full of hassles. It can easily slow down your growth and cause unnecessary distractions. When your business starts to grow, your focus should be only on to make it bigger. How will you be able to support your expanding customer base? outsourcing to India solves the problem and lets an organization focus on core business to explore greater growth opportunities. Need a perfect tech support & customer support contact center? outsourcing to India. Outsource your non-core activities like customer support, tech support,in-app support, social media management to companies in India & focus on core business activities which will yield greater revenues.

Get Maximum Output

In an attempt to improve revenues and increase profit margins, businesses are under immense pressure to get maximum from limited resources. Thus, outsourcing to India plays a vital role in improving the productivity as experienced professionals handle all the support related activities and your business gets more time and resources to focus on the core product.

Easy Onboarding

Finding an outsourcing partner and outsourcing to India is quite easy. However, some planning has to be made before you outsource. Finding a reliable and experienced partner is the first step to outsourcing.

Considering these points , outsourcing to India seems to be a feasible option for businesses in order to reap benefits.

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